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Would You Like to Be a Top Performing Organization?

“You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself” – Harvey S. Firestone

 Great Place to Work recently announced the 2016-2017 list for the UAE. Their study recognized and celebrated organizations which succeed in providing outstanding workplace cultures for their employees.
Global market leader DHL secured the number one position in the study or the fourth year running as the top company to work for in the UAE. DHL were once again commended for the nurturing, inclusive working environment they provide for staff members. Employee satisfaction is at the forefront of their business practices and they centre their attention around what their staff members have to say. This gives them the opportunity to vocalize positive and negative opinions and creates a fun and friendly atmosphere. Top companies like DHL acknowledge that nurturing those you employ leads to organizational success.

We spend most of our days working, a reality workers are increasingly internalizing and acknowledging in their lives. Thus, they want to feel valued and feel part of something they invest an immense amount of hours in, otherwise their motivation and engagement levels drastically fall. If an employee has a lack of interest in their role or their company, it will have impact on the productivity and output. How does one prevent this from happening and ensure staff members remain happy you may ask? Easy. You create an environment where they feel appreciated and enjoy their time. After all, if you do the best for your employees they will do their best for you. It works both ways!

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As a leader, you must ensure that you make your team members feel part of something. Our personal and professional lives and mindsets are so closely intertwined – if you are doing well at work, it has a positive impact on your self-esteem. Therefore, as a leader it is your responsibility to help your team progress in their careers and, overall, better themselves.

Implementing training and development programs are recognized for the heightened levels of success they bring to companies.

By advancing the skills and abilities of staff members, team leaders witness the transformation of their people and performance levels. If employees know that you are investing money and time into helping them improve, they will acknowledge that the company has interest in them and such nurturing will enhance how they work for you. Ultimately, it strengthens what they get out of work! In adopting a quality work-culture, and provide engaging opportunities for your employees, their performances will soar: a profitable transaction.

Investing in rewarding learning and development initiatives could see you up there with DHL, and companies alike, next year.

If you would like to discuss learning and development or require help with any business improvement initiatives, please do get in contact!