Do You Want to Improve Your Sales and Service Performance?

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Matt, you recently attended Miller Heiman Group’s 2017 ACTIVATE Global Sales Conference. How was it?

It was great! Being in California in February helped – the weather was lovely, but more importantly we got to see how the group is developing. We’ve come an awful long way in the last couple of years but for the first time I could really see how the five separate brands that came together now operate as a combined sales and service performance development organisations. What we can now offer, above and beyond our AchieveGlobal sales and service training, is actually quite astonishing.

What specifically did you learn?

Well, most of the two days were taken up with going through an internal training programme that taught us how we could utilise the wealth of data that our organisation now has on sales and sales performance, to help our customers become world-class sales organisations themselves.

Was there a keynote you found to be particularly interesting and relevant to AchieveGlobal Middle East?

The keynotes were fascinating and we heard from speakers as diverse as a behavioural scientist and a female fighter pilot, but I found the sessions that demonstrated – actually, proved – what even marginal improvements in sales can do to top and bottom lines the most interesting.

Data is vital in making insightful decisions. Did any of the speakers reflect on the current ways we now collect data and how organisations can better utilise it to improve their performance?

I noted down the well-known W Edwards Deming quote, where he said “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”. I’ve known about CSO Insights – our research arm – since the group came together but I think it took until this conference for me to realise just what a powerful resource this can be; for my customers as well as me.


Could you elaborate a bit more on CSO Insights?

Sure. CSO Insights is a Miller Heiman Group company that focuses on providing quality research so that our customers can make better, more informed decisions. Their benchmarking and advisory services can help improve recruiting and hiring, territory management, sales call management and any other area of sales and service where you need something more sophisticated than guesswork!

As CEO of our company, could you give one reason as to why sales professionals should take part in the study and briefly explain what they will gain?

Well, there are a few studies, but the main one is the Sales Best Practices Study. This study, like any other piece of research, relies on quality, up to date data and all of us across the group accept the shared responsibility to encourage as wide a participation in the study as possible. The more people involved, the more reliable the data and the better we’d be able to slice that data by region or industry if that’s what a particular client needed.

Where can our readers access and participate in the World-Class Sales and Service Practice Study?

They can access it online via this link: JOIN THE STUDY

And as a thank-you for completing the study, they can immediately download CSO Insights’ 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Report. They will also get first-access to findings from the current research as well as exclusive invitations to previews of the results.

Responses will be held in confidence and will be used only to produce aggregated summaries that will not identify any individual or their company.


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