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An Unparalleled Suite of Solutions


With AchieveGlobal now housed within the Miller Heiman Group we are more and more able to offer separate insight and expertise in the areas of Sales & Service and Leadership & Management. The above diagram is a taste of what we can offer in terms of sales and service and we are similarly realigning our leadership and management offer too.

B2B selling has undoubtedly changed and evolved over the years, as has customer culture and activity. Customers carry out their own research, informing themselves on your products and services before they have even spoken to a sales professional. They know what they want and who has what to offer. All with the click of a mouse.

Leading and managing against this background is also becoming more demanding, requiring the highest levels of leadership ability and an ability to drive performance from a diverse range of people and teams.

This can be daunting for organizations. Especially when levels of competition are constantly and rapidly increasing, within every market.

Fortunately, these are all things we can help you with! Drawing on our separate brands of AchieveGlobal and Miller Heiman, we will make your organization stand out amongst the rest.

We will feature much more of the detail around all of this in future posts, but please do reach out to us directly if you have any immediate questions.


Training and Development: Strengthen your Service

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When I first started to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about six years ago, it was common place to be stuck at passport control / immigration in Jeddah, Riyadh or Dammam for as long as four hours (two on a good day), and when you tend to arrive on a flight after 10pm, that really didn’t set you up for the next day of client meetings.

Other than the seemingly endless queues, a traveller had to contend with staff at the airport who did little to ingratiate themselves, and generally made entry into the Kingdom a challenging experience.

Over the last 18 months I’ve seen huge changes in the attitude of the team at the airports of entry and the immigration clearing process. On my flight in from Doha last week, it was only 25 minutes from the plane doors opening to me walking out with my luggage: as good as anywhere I’ve travelled in the world.

I’ve made some enquiries as to what has driven this change and, maybe unsurprisingly it’s down to training, and the development of the people at the front end of immigration control. Not only that, but the Immigration’s team understanding of why they needed to change, how they could improve people’s first impression of the country and how they could measure their results.

I’m a great believer in having people take responsibility for their actions and the adage, ‘make people understand why, and they’ll figure out how’.

It would have been easy for them to attend the training program, get a certificate, put it on their wall, update their LinkedIn profile, and then go back to work and change nothing. The real step change has come about by ensuring delegates understand the why, and the change is clearly measurable.

It’s great to see training and development paying dividends like this, benefiting the individual, the organization and in this case the impression of the country for future first-time visitors.

At AchieveGlobal Middle East, we work to the same principals – getting buy in, having people take ownership and measuring results. If you’d like to discuss how we can assist you in developing improved outputs from your sales, service or leadership teams please contact me!