Monthly Archives: January 2017

Let us reintroduce ourselves…


We have some very exciting news to share with you all – AchieveGlobal Middle East is now part of the Miller Heiman Group!

The merge of six different organisations, with an average tenure of 40 years, has resulted in five beliefs which define our world of selling culture. They underpin how we can help you:

  1. The most important decision we make as sales people, managers and leaders is how to connect with our customers
  2. Talent is one thing, but a scalable, consistent selling methodology is everything
  3. Customers expect a perspective; not a sales pitch
  4. The best are always looking for ways to improve
  5. Those that prepare win more and win more consistently

We do this ourselves, so we know we can do it for you and going forward with Miller Heiman Group we can now do it even better!

Make sure you look out for further information, but please let one of us know if you have any immediate questions.

AchieveGlobal Middle East