Monthly Archives: December 2016

Regional Visit: Saudi and Bahrain

img_3537I recently visited Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, where I attended a trade mission hosted by the Training Gateway. Despite being greeted by pouring rain in Riyadh, the mission and overall trip proved to be a success.

During this trip, I met with high- profile businesses in the capital of Saudi and had quality meetings in and around Eastern Province. I later attended further meetings organised by the Department of International Trade in Bahrain.

The visit took place against a backdrop of low oil prices impacting on the Middle East economy. Nations across the Middle East largely produce oil, from which a lot of income is generated; it is a main source of government revenue and thus is a primary export good for most countries. However, the low prices of oil are impacting the economy. It is reported that GDP growth will slow further to around 2.5 per cent. Consequently, Saudi Arabia is looking to diversify so that they are not so reliant on the revenues generated by oil.
Despite the impact oil price reductions is having on the economy, I was exposed to a high volume of prospective clients interested in our world class training programs to benefit their businesses in such an unpredictable period.

The visit was rounded off on the 1st December with a Christmas lunch hosted by the Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Mr Simon Martin.

If you are available and would like to make an appointment with me, during my regional visits, please send an email and I will arrange with you a time and place 🙂