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5 Training & Development Resolutions for a Fresh Start

With the holy month of Ramadan now over, you have an exciting fresh start back to working life to capitalise on. Now is an ideal time to make plans for the coming months and consider where changes and improvements can be made.

reaching targets and goals in business through training in sales leadership and service

New start, new goals. Where do you want to be in 6 months and how? Image courtesy of Master isolated images on

1. What do you want to accomplish in the next 6 months and beyond?

Your personal and professional development is important, it keeps you moving and helps you face new challenges. Begin with your own development – where would you like to be in the future? What would you like to accomplish? Then work back from there, considering what you will need to get there.

2. What does your organization want to accomplish in the next 6 months and beyond?

If you’re in a position of responsibility for the future development of your organization and its people, then you need to be able to see the bigger picture, as well as the goals and aspirations of your workers on an individual level. What are the main objectives for your organization, in accordance with its business plan? Take a leaf through and re-acquaint yourself with what your company is all about and consider the steps to get there and the weaknesses that might be holding the organization back.

3. Set realistic goals

After the previous two steps, you may have an overwhelming list of aspirations for the future which, in an ideal world, would be the best thing for the organization – but is it realistic? If your business wants to be the number 1 provider for what it does in the world, then break this down into steps, and aim for the first rung on the ladder. After 6 months you may want to be the best in your region, or even country. You may want to aim to sell a certain number of one leading product, and then work on raising the bar on the others later. Make your goal achievable, and give it a deadline.

4. Give up unproductive practices

Not all of what you try out is going to work, and not all of your products will be hits. If you keep pushing something, be it a method, supplier, product etc. and it’s consistently not working, then let it go and move on. Try something different and take a new perspective. Accepting something isn’t working and learning from it is the best response to lead you to new successes. Changes could be the boost your organization needs to achieve.

5. Invest in quality training for your employees to achieve your results

So you’ve ditched the product line that wasn’t working, you’ve abolished the performance reviews which weren’t really tackling issues effectively and you’ve lined up your targets for the next few months with realistic deadlines and steps. But you can also see that your workforce may be under-prepared to tackle your objectives, or could really be delivering on their work in a better way. Identifying weaknesses and areas for improvement in your organization is really valuable exercise and skill to have. Our team at AchieveGlobal can help guide you through this process, assisting in identifying weaknesses and then identifying solutions!

Investing in training and development can be a daunting prospect, putting your money and trust in something you’re never certain will deliver a return, but with AchieveGlobal Middle East you can be sure that our training offers significant ROI, and the proof is in the results we’ve seen from our sales, leadership and service programs worldwide. Take a step towards your goals and contact one of our Regional Directors today.