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Top 9 Best Practices from Leading Customer-Focused Organizations


woman with headset at a laptop, serving customers and clients

Any organization can benefit from our Top 9 Best Practices from Leading Customer Focused Organizations. Image courtesy of Hubspot.

In 2010 AchieveGlobal conducted 13 in-depth interviews with leading customer service-focused organizations from around the world to uncover best practices and strategies for creating a successful customer experience. Our participants in the survey were from a range of industries including financial services, healthcare, government, manufacturing, consumer products and services and B2B industries.

Our research uncovered 9 key lessons for customer-focused organizations:

1. Customer Service is just one part of the customer experience
Interactions with customers in an organization may be called many different things, and our mix of terminology shows it’s not just service: it involves meeting and exceeding the needs of the individuals that drive your business.

2. Customer focus is now front and center in an organization’s mission and values
Customer service used to be restrained in the department that supported customers but now it permeates other areas if not the entire organization. This is being communicated out through the corporate mission and values.

3. Customer Experience is what happens when organizations interact with the customer at any touch point
There are many touch points for customers now – websites, phone centers, sales channels, third-party agents, resellers, distributors, the list goes on! They all impact on customer service. There are challenges in maintaining a consistent high level of service through each of these channels.

Read the rest of the article for the other Best Practices from Leading Customer Focused Organizations.

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How Strong is the Leadership in your Organization?

leader directs his team and their strategy

Will your organization grow in number or be held back by weak leadership skills? Image courtesy of hubspot

Leadership isn’t just about managing people well today; it’s about delivering targeted results and sustaining economic viability into the future. If core leadership bench strength is not present to build up your organization then you are at high risk of falling short of expectations.

Organizations weak in leadership may:

  • Not have the strength to seize business growth opportunities
  • Not be able to readily expand into new market spaces
  • Not defend effectively against sudden competitive threats
  • Not have enough leaders to immediately and effectively execute new strategic initiatives
  • Not have enough seasoned leaders to guide new acquisitions to realize targeted results
  • Not have leaders able to craft strategic choices in the midst of ambiguous circumstances

Do any of these ring true with the fears you may have about the future of your organization? Read more to see how else weak leadership is dangerous and what you can do about it.

Download the full article here

AchieveGlobal provide world-class leadership programs which we deliver for small groups in large Middle East-based organizations; if you are interested in letting professional training address your issues, speak to us today.

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How to Conquer Your Competition

Are you fighting a losing battle against the other organizations in your field? Image courtesy of renjith krishnan on

Are you fighting a losing battle against the other organizations in your field? Image courtesy of renjith krishnan on

How often have you heard this in your organization?

“We were in good shape until Company X came in and bought the business. How are you supposed to fight that?”

or “The customer had already decided to go with Company X; we just wasted our time.”

Competition from other companies is one of the most pressing challenges facing sales organizations, and it’s increasing. 85% of companies in our research said that levels of competition had increased since 5 years ago.

We’ve packed lots of advice about how to overcome competition; best practice for tackling it head on, download using the link below. If you think you business could do with a further boost and would like our expert help with training and development, please get in touch and we can talk through your current needs.

Conquering the Competition

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