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Start your L&D planning by meeting our Regional Director

meet with John in Saudi Arabia

John Cartmell – Regional Director

If you are based in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, then you may be interested in meeting with AchieveGlobal’s Regional Director on his next visit to the country, later this month.

John Cartmell, Regional Director for AchieveGlobal Middle East, frequently visits the area to meet with clients and discuss solutions and plans with those who are considering development within their organizations, like you.

It’s an excellent opportunity for you to take time out to think about your organisation’s learning and development needs and to discuss them with a fellow professional. John would like to open his invitation to you and would welcome requests for appointments on the days he is available:

Jeddah – 23 & 24 November

Riyadh – 25 & 26 November

Eastern Province & Bahrain – 27 November until 2 December 

If you are available and would value an appointment with John, do please email Erica who will book you in. His schedule does fill up quickly, so let Erica know as soon as possible when you are free.



Is Your Organization Ready for Change?

Leadership in times of change in the business or organizational strategy

Can you get your organization excited about a change in strategy and lead them effectively? Image courtesy of jscreationzs and

Creating a change capable workforce

Change as a central element in an organization’s survival strategy needs little elaboration. Most organizations today are contemplating or implementing one or more change initiatives—whether incremental or radical—involving the whole organization or selected parts, conceived to block threats or seize opportunities.

Whatever form these initiatives take, organizations have a lot riding on them, and they know it. In fact, well over half of the change leaders in a recent AchieveGlobal survey agreed that the ability to change is an organization’s main competitive advantage.

However, as many as 85% of change initiatives fail, or fall short of their original promise; so why are so many unsuccessful and what can you do for your organization to prevent the same fate?

To read more and discover insights from AchieveGlobal on how leaders can create a workforce that is prepared and receptive to change, Download our free resource here.

Getting Real about Genuine Leadership

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It's not always easy being a leader. Image courtesy of cooldesign at

It’s not always easy being a leader. Image courtesy of cooldesign at

Today’s leaders face increasing pressure to produce results under tighter budgets and greater competition. Many organizations cannot handle the smallest miscalculation, and the impacts of errors on leaders and employees can be immobilizing. Then leaders neglect their responsibility to inspire their workforces, which creates a difficult environment for people to thrive.

But there are solutions, and AchieveGlobal understands these issues. We understand the consequences of today’s harsh business world for our leaders:

  • Collaboration with others has turned sour and competitive
  • Companies have no slack to give, no room for errors
  • Participatory decision-making has been given up on
  • Wary employees are avoiding risk and choosing self-preservation

Download the article to read on about what employees want from their leaders, what makes up good leadership skills and what the real pay-off is for genuine leadership.

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