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7 Reasons Why You Should Set Goals For Your Employees

Sometimes goal setting can seem pointless, but if done properly it can be very valuable.

Sometimes goal setting can seem pointless, but if done properly it can be very valuable.

Measuring performance is a key part of looking after your team and being able to provide them with the best opportunities for development. Many workers will appear to be very busy, but this does not necessarily mean they are high-performing. They could be busy because the way they are working is not efficient! And there’s no way of really measuring how well they are doing without seeing how they meet goals.

A common issue for supervisors is having no clear sense of how well their employees are working and possibly not having goals or the right goals. Goals should be clear and should align with the aims of the organization. Have a read of our article on setting targets for more details.

Setting goals can sometimes seem like you’re laying down the law and taking the ‘heart’ out of the work, but here are some reasons why goals are a good thing:

  1. They clarify expectations for both supervisor and employee.
  2. They provide clear direction, in line with the organization’s direction.
  3. They create an opportunity for great fulfilment and satisfaction when they are delivered.
  4. They show both supervisor and employee how the worker is contributing, increasing their sense of value.
  5. They provide a measurable progress, as long as they are the right kind of goal.
  6. They provide an opportunity for rewards.
  7. They create challenge and interest in the employees’ day-to-day working life.

When you are considering training and development, information you have from assessing your employees compared to their goals will prove highly valuable and show in an objective way where your company’s weaknesses are. Employees should not feel vulnerable to this, but see it as the best way to help them develop and make the company stronger.