20 Things you can do to Inspire Workers to Improve Themselves

  1. Provide honest recognition for positive work achievements
  2. Provide honest, constructive feedback for improvements
  3. Encourage employees to assess where they have either a skill shortfall or where skills are not fully being utilised
  4. Discuss the skills essential to success in their role
  5. Ensure the job description is clear and helpful
  6. Encourage employees to take ownership of their jobs
  7. Support employees’ attendance at classes and development activities
  8. Provide opportunities for performance feedback and how to develop further
  9. Act upon your inspired ideas, so your employees can see that you follow through
  10. Take the time to get to know them and find out what motivates them
  11. Be part of the team and get involved in the work, so you are a leader and not a ‘boss’
  12. Give your employees a view of the planned future for the company
  13. Set stretch goals for your employees
  14. Provide them with more responsibility
  15. Allow employees to participate in key business strategy decisions
  16. Share useful resources and best practice
  17. Create light competition within the organization to boost performance
  18. Become a more inspirational speaker
  19. Create chances for employees to meet with the beneficiaries of their work
  20. Provide opportunities for development

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