Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Flag

Uae flag

In the last six months I have been fortunate enough to be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to witness first-hand the respective countries’ National Day celebrations.

It was amazing to see the colour and pride the people had in their nations – flags flying everywhere, fireworks, and air horns – real carnival atmospheres.

In Saudi Arabia, 31% of the population is non-Saudi, and the UAE is home to over 200 different nationalities, so both countries demonstrate some form of cosmopolitanism.  On national days in Saudi Arabia and in the UAE, the people of all these differing cultures, religions and nationalities unite as one behind their respective countries’ flags to demonstrate pride and passion for the countries they now call home.

Burj Khalifa

As I watched these people from so many different cultures converge to display unity and pride, I reflected on how many people behave in the corporate world, and how such unity and pride would enhance so many businesses.

In my role as Regional Director for AchieveGlobal-MEC in the Middle East, I have responsibility for working with corporations to identify training needs in the fields of leadership, sales and customer service and matching AchieveGlobal training solutions to those needs. These solutions work best when we can get buy in from the team, when the executives, the Senior Managers, Middle Managers and individual team members really pull together with one common purpose and one strategic goal – when everyone unites behind ‘the flag’.

For me, training is not a one off event. It is a journey. It’s not just about an individual or a team attending a training program, getting a certificate and enhancing their respective CVs. For training to be of sustained value, there needs to be conscious effort to take the learning from the classroom and into the work environment, for the individuals to not only think about enhancing their own knowledge, but to unite with the team behind ‘the flag’ and for  their learning to enhance the organisation they represent.

The most rewarding part of my job isn’t to sell training solutions. The most rewarding part of my role is to see those solutions put in to practice and to see sustained business transformation develop from AchieveGlobal’s intervention.

– John, Regional Director