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AchieveGlobal Wins Silver Honor

AchieveGlobal has won the silver award for ‘excellent content’ at the Learning In Practice Awards.

Learning In Practice awards recognize industry leaders who have demonstrated excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs. Our world class customer experience content won us the accolade, which joins the many others which make up AchieveGlobal’s impressive trophy cabinet.


Mark McMichael accepts the award on behalf of AchieveGlobal


How far do you go for your customers?

I am still quite new to my regions of Kuwait and Oman and it is not unknown for me to get hopelessly muddled up (and hopelessly lost!) as I travel around to my various meetings discussing learning and development challenges.customer service

During my regional visit last week, I was looking forward to a first time meeting with a prospective new client: The National Bank of Oman. Unfortunately I turned up at Head Office when I was supposed to supposed to be at the Training Centre. The centre is on the opposite side of Muscat and the two offices are the thick-end of an hour’s drive apart.
As I stood in reception of Head Office with my mouth open like an idiot wondering what to do, an Omani gentleman working at the bank came up to me and said that he had heard me discussing the problem with the receptionist, could see how concerned I was and that he would personally drive me to the Training Centre.
We went together outside to see if I could find the taxi driver who was waiting for me, to explain that he was no longer needed and to pay. We couldn’t find him so my new Omani friend said I must give him the taxi driver’s number and he would arrange for the bank to pay him. (He called and set this up a few minutes later).

We eventually arrived and my new friend personally escorted me to the meeting I should have been at an hour earlier. The gentleman I was meeting, far from being annoyed, showed me to his private office, made me a coffee and insisted that he must personally drive me back to the hotel after the meeting.

This he did. It took about 40 minutes. He then turned around and drove back to his office to finish his day’s work.

Reflecting on this incident later, it struck me that this is precisely the kind of amazing approach to customer care that we teach on our AchieveGlobal programs, and bear in mind I wasn’t even a customer in the strictest sense. This didn’t matter to the employees I encountered. They could see that someone was engaging with the bank and having a problem. They each took personal responsibility for solving that problem and followed through to make sure it was solved. An absolutely brilliant experience for me, a story I will tell many times, and therefore priceless PR for the bank.

What would happen in your organisation if employees were similarly motivated to do whatever it took to look after the customer?

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