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Experiencing AchieveGlobal Training First Hand

Karren, Derek, Dave and Erica at AchieveGlobal training

I’ve been working at AchieveGlobal MEC for less than two weeks now but was lucky enough yesterday to be invited to join in for a day on one of their courses which was being run at our base in County Durham. The two day course was ‘Managing the Performance of Others’, from the ‘Develop’ sector of the AchieveGlobal Leadership programs. My company for the day were around 12 people; all in managerial roles looking to learn how better to help develop colleagues they manage in the workplace.

The day commenced with a quiz to help recap on what had been learnt the day before. It gave me a chance to see what they had been up to. The first two modules, ‘Planning for Performance Discussions’ and ‘Clarifying Performance Expectations’ had looked at step by step guidelines to help ease preparation for what can be difficult discussions. We started the second day with ‘Correcting Performance Problems’, addressing how to speak to a colleague whom we feel is not performing at the level we’d expect them to. This can come about if the previous step of clarifying what is expected of them is not done. After gaining an understanding of the path the discussion should take and watching one of AchieveGlobal’s example videos on the topic, we broke into smaller groups to discuss confidentially, problems we are facing with underperformance in our own work situations. This was a great opportunity for the information we were learning to be put into application straight away in a real life problem. For those who had situations with colleagues which required addressing in this way, they could leave the seminar having made tangible progress on solving their issue.

The style of teaching from master trainer, Dave Hood, worked brilliantly in the group. He was engaging and interesting, using personal experiences as case study examples and taking the time to get to know everyone so we all felt included and part of a team. It was a very productive atmosphere, and there weren’t really any times during the day when I felt I had zoned out or become bored or tired as the course was varied in activities and encouraged me to interact with the content. There was a nice mix of using the workbooks provided, watching the video resources, small group discussions, tasks as well as feeding back using the flipcharts, as well as the on screen presentation.

The final module in the afternoon, ‘Conducting Performance Reviews’ showed us the importance of reviewing those you manage, as it can be a valuable opportunity for both parties to share how they feel about the work so far and highlight areas to work on the in the future, which can only be helpful! The video showed us a poor and then good performance review, and put significance on doing preparation beforehand and listening to your worker. An enlightening session, and a thoroughly enjoyable day spent on the training course. I can see why AchieveGlobal comes up top for quality and is used time and again by large successful companies. It was engaging, relevant and mostly practical; it let us apply what we learnt so we left the room able to use our knowledge right away. Being a new intern, I was limited as to how much of it I thought I could apply, of course. I did offer to review the performance of my manager, but I don’t think I’ll be getting that opportunity..!